Our mission

Giving people the tools to create an awesome online presence.

We make personal Wordpress themes that work beautifully straight out of the box.


The best products are the ones that simply work from the moment you start using them. All our efforts are put into designing and building themes that require no additional work — apart from inserting your content.


By only focusing on personal websites, we have developed a deep understanding of our customer needs. Our products are deliberately built with specific purposes in mind and have zero needles options.


Nothing is worse for a web experience than a slow and laggy website. Bloated themes with tons of features, plugins and effects are a result of poor design and poor coding. We like keeping everything simple by including only the things we know you will need.

Tech loving people with a deep passion for design and coding.

Maximian Alba


Darko Reljin


Kosta Adzic


Between us, we have more than 30 years of experience with building, designing and maintaining websites. Unsatisfied with existing CMS solutions, we have decided to start creating our own products.