Bring your medical practice to the next level.

Choose quality over quantity.

Sana is meticulously designed to work right out of the box. We made sure that you have all the essential elements for building a great website with minimum effort. Focus on your content, we took care of everything else.

Timeless design

Good design principles ensure the visual and functional longevity of your website.

Fully integrated

Sana works flawlessly because we built all of its components to work with each other.


Everything works right out of the box. You don’t need to be a designer nor a developer.

Kickstart things with the right demo.

Dentistry (soon)

Counseling and therapy (soon)

Veterinary (soon)

Nutrition (soon)

Senior care (soon)

Fast and easy setup.

When setting up your Sana theme for the first time, follow the Quick Setup guide to get your site up and running in less than 5 minutes. After completing these steps, you can access additional options in the settings menu.

Native blocks for all your needs.

Enjoy creating and managing your content with built in Sana blocks for Gutenberg. Every block is made specifically for Sana and is fully integrated into your theme for a seamless experience.

Improved Gutenberg user experience.

We have tweaked the Gutenberg editor interface to give you a more intuitive and enjoyable experience.

Playing nice with other blocks and builders.

Sana is fully compatible with other popular blocks and builders, so you have the flexibility with mixing and matching.

Your wish is Sana’s command.

Use the settings panel to fine tune how your site works and feels. You will find the variety of options empowering without being overwhelming.

Full control

Fine-tune every section of your website with rich theme settings.

Easy management

Well organized and predefined options make it easy to make changes as you go.

Deep integration

Make global changes to your website by using a few simple settings.

Seriously fast performance.

Provide your site visitors with a high-speed experience, thanks to Sana’s lightweight and highly-optimized architecture.

PageSpeed Insights


Speed Performance


PageSpeed Insights


Speed Performance


Publish like a pro on your blog.

Featured posts

Highlight your most important posts by displaying them large on top.

Easy filters

Help your audience find the right posts by using convenient filters.


Add a medical disclaimer on the bottom of your published articles.

All the features you expect, and many more.

Chameleon-like header.

Your header can adapt dynamically to the background behind.

Integrated color palette.

Use a single color palette across all pages of your website.

Ready for the whole world.

Change the language of your site by editing the master file.

Card notification center.

Grab your audiences attention with a built in pop up window.

Rich typography options.

Configure the type of font, weight, line height, letter spacing.

Deep front and back integration.

All of the theme components are built to work with each other.

One-click demos

Kickstart your site with a pre-made demo. Choose the type of content you wish to import.


Use the multilingual options to adapt Sana to your local audience.

SEO optimized

Rank higher on search engines thanks to the latest SEO practices integrated in Sana.

24/7 support

Fix your issue as fast as possible with our expert support and get same-day replies.

Premium design

With Sana you get a theme that is meticulously designed inside and out.

Regular updates

Keep your site working like new with lifetime updates, fixes and tweaks.

Built-In blocks

Sana Blocks are built with one purpose in mind: to work seamlessly together with Sana.


Make the website your own by using the wide variety of tools and options at your disposal.


Everything works right out of the box. You don’t need to be a designer nor a developer.

Blazing fast

Give your audience the pleasure of experiencing your lightweight and optimized website.


Sana works with other blocks and builders, giving you the flexibility to mix and match.

GDPR compliant

Enjoy full compliance thanks to exclusive theme and WordPress privacy features.

You can count on great support.

Expert help

Our experienced developers and designers will help you resolve your issue.

Well documented

Every element of your theme is covered in the detailed documentation.

24h response time

We offer 24/7 support for our customers and reply on all tickets within 24 hours.

Video guides

Get your site up and running with easy step-by-step video instructions.

Start building with Sana today.